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We are fully professional wordpress support & solutions.
Hassle & Trouble free wordpress website is great.

As Low as RM2 per day to protect & secure your site.
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Awesome Trouble Free

Enjoy hassle free and trouble free for your website. The one stop website for every services you need.

Providing solutions for every wordpress website. Feel free to contact us.

  • Automatic site/WordPress updates.
  • Automatic daily backups.
  • Built-in speed optimization through caching and CDN networks.
  • Built-in security mechanisms optimized for WordPress.
  • Built-in database optimization for WordPress.
  • Server settings optimized specifically for WordPress software.

Universal Site

Only one website you need, a site that works for all!


Fast Loading

We are committed to provide speed and fast service to avoid losing your clients.


Fluid Process

We take note all your issues and will fully solve all your issues.


Safe & Secure

We assure you that your site and your data is secure.


Low Costs & Save Times

As Low as RM2 per day to protect & secure your site, you can gets the best experience they are.



  • Reduce time spent on maintenance.
  • Optimize for WordPress
  • Secure & stability environment



  • Perform flawlessly stay online
  • Gain agility Go-to-market faster
  • Secure experiences Protect sites



  • High-performance infrastructure
  • Accelerate your development
  • Free your marketers get more sales


Malaysia Multi Services Solutions

Our Managed WordPress Hosting is a solutions designed by us. With our solutions, we integrated blazing fast website for speed and performance, malwares and virus detection auto scan daily for protection, automatically update your wordpress for you so it becomes a hassle free websites.

Yes. We do all the dirty works for you. We keep your worpdress updated with all your core, plugins & themes updated at all times, scans your website daily and backups your site daily as well.

If your website got hacked, we will definately help you out. We will fix any issues until your website is viewable.

Yes, we provide plenty of services you require.

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