WordPress Security

When your wordpress site is hacked, then you are loosing SEO and potential clients that leads to loosing money!
Most important your business goes down due to hacked, malware or malicious code and your site got banned from google.


✔️ Infected with Malware
✔️ Google ads reported as malware infected, Google show hacked warnings
✔️ Blacklisted by Google
✔️ Disabled by Host Provider
✔️ Redirecting to others site
✔️ Spam listed in Search Results
✔️Abnormal High Resources Usage
✔️Website Sending Massive Emails

Our Services include:

✓ Fix Hacked Website
✓ Remove Malware
✓ Removal Blacklist

Our Managed WordPress Hosting Plan:

✓ WordPress Security
✓ Full website backup
✓ Brute-Force Protection
✓ Cloudflare and SSL Setup
✓ WordPress Speed Optimization
✓ Automated Plugins & Themes Updates

and much more. 

Feel free to contact us to get the work done.